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Appealing to Your Cents-es: Distributors, serve up hard-to-resist business solutions to your foodservice operators!

Written by The Kruger Products Marketing Team

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Leading foodservice operators, small and large, aim to meet and exceed their guests’ experiences. Increasingly, operators are looking to their suppliers to support their business’ success and to help them stand out in a crowded market. Helping Distributors support their foodservice operators in achieving this goal is a key objective for Kruger Products, a leading manufacturer of quality tissue, towel and napkin products in North America.

The secret to customer service is not what you give, but knowing what others want to receive. “Good customer service doesn’t mean just taking an order and making sure it is fulfilled correctly and on time, although we do that too. Superior customer service starts with listening and then acting accordingly, in line with customer needs,” says Sandra Garcia, Marketing Manager, Away From Home Division, Kruger Products L.P. “Sometimes customers don’t even know what they need, so we are actively engaged at every step and make sure that the paper supply solutions we develop will not only fulfill their basic operating needs but support their businesses in a bigger way.”

The food industry is highly competitive, and the distributor that helps the foodservice operator navigate through the challenges of functioning with reduced budgets while maintaining the quality needed to deliver against patron expectations becomes a meaningfully differentiated supplier. According to Garcia, Kruger Products uses an online cost-in-use modeling tool that allows their experienced sales team to develop customized product solutions, giving customers a range of benefits.

As you might expect, being as critical as they are to foodservice operators, one such example of the differentiated cost-in-use approach lies in the restroom; longer bathroom tissue and roll towels reduce the chance of run outs. But more importantly, save operators the hassle and time wasted in having to monitor and refill dispensers. It is also important to look at factors other than price when purchasing towel and tissue products. Taking into consideration the weight and number of units in a case when comparing two different products can allow for tremendous cost savings. Buyers need to know exactly what they are buying.

Another benefit of cost-in-use modeling is the ability to reduce overall product consumption through better quality product offerings and dispensing solutions. When providing premium towel and tissue products in both the front and back of the house, guests and employees will use less product due to the better quality. An operator can also minimize the amount of product used inefficiently through simple dispensing solutions such as controlling the length of sheets dispensed, or by employing a time delay in between dispensing so guests take as much product as they really need.

But perhaps the most attractive benefit of cost-in-use modeling is the impact it can have on supporting a restaurant’s brand image throughout every area of the establishment. Guests often notice, and talk about, the cleanliness and the quality of products used in both the restaurant and the washroom areas. So, investing in finer things such as premium paper towel, bathroom and facial tissues and napkins can support, and even enhance, your brand image. By spending a little more upfront, operators can set themselves apart.

“In our business, it is imperative that we understand the environments our customers operate in, and the challenges that they face,” states Garcia. “We proactively work with them to develop useful solutions through our towel, tissue and napkin products to overcome their challenges, while helping them improve their bottom line.”

For more information about Kruger’s cost-in-use modeling and full-service line of quality products, contact Doug McLean at